Nehemia Ministries is a passionate local church where Jesus is the centre and with a heart for God and people. We believe in the love and grace of Jesus for everyone; who ever you are and where you come from.

We want to give  Jesus the space for people in our church to come in their – God-planned – destiny. And that means we expect growth, deepening, healing and change. Every Sunday you are welcome in our service at 10.30 am.

New here?


If you want to know more about who God, our Creator, is. If you would like to get a better understanding of what God’s salvation plan for people contains. Come to our Alpha evenings and attend the six lessons. Subjects which will come up for discussion extensively are:

– Who is Jesus?
– Why did Jesus die on the Cross?
– The Father heart of God
– Certainty of faith
– Water baptism
– Who is the Holy Spirit?
– Prayer: Why and How
– Reading the Bible

The Alpha lessons are being held in an informal atmosphere. The evenings begin at 20:00h. At 19:30; coffee and tea are ready! During the first part of the evening, the subject will be discussed in an understandable way. The second part of the evening takes place in smaller groups, guided by a mentor couple. Here, we will further discuss the subject and you can ask your personal questions and pray with each other. You will see how fascinating it is to make this voyage of discovery together with other people who are interested. By consciously taking this time, you will get the opportunity to lay a strong foundation for your commencing religious life.

Location: Nehemia Ministries, click here for the itinerary
Start: 20:00h
Contact persons: Martin en Corine Wervenbos
More information: or visit the info point on Sunday.

For the current dates, look at the agenda

You are most welcome to visit one of our services. On sunday our service starts at 10:30 h.

Would you like someone to show you around in our church? E-mail us here and we make sure someone will welcome you personally before the service.

View the current agenda here.

Taking children with you?
Your children are also most welcome of course. During the service, we have a programme for every age group at our children’s programme: JesusKids.

Are you considering to become a member of Nehemia Ministries? Sign up now for the series of five evenings ‘Entering the Family’. During these evenings, we would like to get to know you better and you will meet, among other people, the leadership of the Nehemia Ministries. Furthermore, we will invite you to join us while we discuss these issues:

  • Church with influence to make Jesus known
  • A living stone of the house
  • Testifier outside the house
  • The power of the Holy Spirit, worship, pray
  • Grace, God’s most beautiful word
  • Leadership and vision of the congregation
  • Congregation structure and joining the congregation

Applying and registration in advance is required! The forms are available at the info point on Sundays, or at the secretarial offices during the week. The evenings begin at 19:30; coffee and tea are ready.


Meet God

Our services starts at 10:30. On average, the services last two hours. The services are open to everyone. During the service, we seek God’s Presence. We do this by means of music and song, preaching and prayer, both personal and collective. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit collectively and in personal lives. We experience amazingly blessed services in which God’s love and power are at the centre again and again every Sunday. Click here for the current agenda.

Nearly every Wednesday evening we come together as church. You are most welcome here. View the calendar for the special dates.

The Prayer Nights are every third Wednesday of the month. At these evenings we pray for various situations that are related to church, but also what matters in society. There will be a short time for worship. Study’s will always focus on prayer and intercession.

Nehemia Youth is the youth movement of Nehemia Ministries. We are passionate about Jesus and the local church. “What we believe, is simple. We love God and we love people. Jesus came to this world to bring hope for everybody. “This means you can come just the way you are”. The activities of Nehemia Youth are open to youth from the age of 12/13.

We have different activities, most of them on Friday evenings. Only the New Generation en Awaken is on Sundays during service times, once every three weeks. New Generation is for teenagers till the age of 16, Awaken is for Youth from the age of 16.
Every Friday we have an activity in The Block, you are more than welcome there to come and see for yourselves. We would love to see you!

For more information and the exact dates visit our website

Every Sunday during the service,  we have a children’s service for children aged 0 to 12 years, known as JesusKids. Children take in a special place in Jesus’ heart. He has said: unless you become like little children, you can never enter the kingdom of heaven (Matt 18:3).

We, as children’s ministry workers, want to show the heart of Jesus to children. We want to receive and welcome every child as if we receive and welcome Jesus himself (Matt 18:5). Our wish for every child is for them to accept Jesus in his or her life and to live with Him. This life with Jesus should become visible both at home and in the congregation.

Jesus Kids is for:
– Babies
– 1-year-olds
– 2-year-olds
– 3-year-olds
– 4-8 year-olds
– 9-12 year-olds
– SC group

Special Care group

Some children need more attention and care than other children. They feel unsafe very easily or are easily stimulated. Especially for them we have the SC group. This is a smaller group compared to the other groups. We work with fixed structures, made visible by pictograms. We try to adapt the program to the children’s level as much as possible. The possibilities and limitations of every child are taken into account. The workers in this group have experience with these children because of their work or private situation.

At first, every child will join the regular group. When it turns out that more individual attention is required, we will discuss this with you and the head of the SC group in order to determine what the best option for your child is.
If you think your son/daughter is eligible for this group beforehand, please contact the head of this group ( It is not possible to bring your son/daughter to the group unannounced.

Would you like to know more about Jesus Kids? E-mail us at


About Us

We believe:

  • In the Bible as the infallible Word of God.
  • In a Sole God, who manifests himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • In forgiveness and cleansing from sin by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.
  • In the necessity of conversion and the following rebirth, granted by God.
  • In the necessity of the ministry of the biblical water baptism by immersion, exclusively to consciously believers.
  • In the baptism by the Holy Spirit with the written revelation of speaking in tongues, spiritual gifts and ministries.
  • In the power of the Holy Spirit, who kills the workings of the body and thereby enables us to live a sanctified, victorious life. This also makes the nine-fold fruit of the Holy Spirit become manifest, with the possibility to sprout to completeness, as it is through God.
    We believe in Devine healing of the sick based on the completed work of Jesus Christ, (including the healing of memory).
  • In deliverance of the bounded, based on the authority of the name of Jesus Christ, who has all power both in heaven and on earth.
  • In the Second Coming of Jesus Christ as Judge over the living and the dead. This with the marvellous knowledge that for those who are in Christ, there will be no condemnation, but eternal life.
  • In the necessity of celebrating Holy Communion regularly; proclaiming the death of the Lord, until He returns.
  • hIn fulfilling the great assignment, which the Lord has entrusted unto us: “Go, into all the world, preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptised will be saved., but he who does not believe will be condemned. And these attesting signs will accompany those who believe.”

“In My name they will drive out demons; they will speak new languages; they will pick up serpents; and even if they drink anything deadly, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will get well” (Marcus 16:15-18)

We state with great emphasis: the Word of God has absolute power over any confession of Faith!


Our mission statement is:

Church with influence by making Jesus know.

How can I receive pastoral care from Nehemia?

It is only possible for members to ask for pastoral care. If you are not a member of Nehemia, you have the possibility to let people pray for you after the service on Sunday. After the service, there are always people near the podium at the front who will pray with you.

I have a prayer request and I would like to ask for prayer, how does this work?

If you are able to visit one of the services on Sunday, we would recommend you to ask one of the people in front of the podium for prayer after the service. They will take time to pray for your prayer request. If you are not able to visit the service on Sunday, please ask for a prayer form via, then the prayer team will include your request in their prayers for one month.

Do you have a baby-sitting service during special events such as theme days and course days, men’s day or women’s day?

We only offer child care for children aged 0 till 12 years during the normal services on Sunday. During other events, we do not offer child care.

How long do the services on Sunday take?

On average, the service takes about two hours.

Do you have the possibility of translation during the service?

Every Sunday, translation from Dutch to English is possible. Do you need translation? Please let the hosting team know when you arrive.

I have children between the age of 13 and 25, do you have a special program for young people?

Young people can go to the youth ministry of Nehemia: Nehemia Youth. They organise various programs for various age groups. Look at the agenda or visit the website of Nehemia Youth ( for specific information.

On which locations do you have services on Sunday?

Nehemia Ministries has its main location in Zwijndrecht. We also have a service at our subsidiary congregation in Moerkapelle (Zuid-Holland) at 10.:00 every Sunday.  Click here for more information.

Is your question not included in this list? Please send us an e-mail at

Nehemia Ministries is involved with many activities to spread the gospel. For example, television broadcasts on various channels, missionary projects, bible schools and youth events. In order to continue these works, we really need your help!

If you would like to make a donation, you can transfer this to:
Rabobank-number: in the name of Nehemia Ministries in Zwijndrecht.
IBAN: NL27 RABO 0351629807

If you would like to become a sponsor of Nehemia Ministries, please contact us via

Nehemia Ministries is a Society for the Common Good.

Do you have questions or would you like to contact us?  You can reach us by telephone between 09:00 and 17:00 on work days or e-mail us at:

Nehemia Ministries

H.A. Lorentzstraat 5
3331 EE Zwijndrecht
Tel. 078-6193745

Our office is open on Monday up to and including Friday from 09:00 till 17:00

If you are arriving from the direction of Dordrecht (A16)

Take the right tunnel tube. Exit Zwijndrecht. Go straight on at the roundabout. You are now on the H.A. Lorentzstraat. You will find Nehemia on your right, after the GAMMA.

If you are arriving from the direction of Rotterdam (A16)

Exit Zwijndrecht. At the end of the exit go right at the roundabout, to Plantageweg. Go right at the next roundabout, to Develsingel. Take the first turn right, under the A16. Go right again. You are now on the H.A. Lorentzstraat. You will find Nehemia on your left, just before the GAMMA.


Parking spaces for the disabled

During the Sunday services and Wednesday evening activities, we have a few spaces in front of the Nehemia building reserved for disabled people. These spaces are indicated by traffic cones. When you have taken them out of the way, you can leave the traffic cones on the pavement.

Parking around the Nehemia building

In front of our building, we have several parking spaces available. At bigger events we are allowed to use several car parks from companies in the proximity of Nehemia: if this is the case, you will be referred to these by means of signs and/or a car-park attendant. One of the companies allowing us to use their car park is GAMMA; however, we have an agreement that we will not park on the car park of GAMMA during their business hours. Would you please be so kind to help us stand by this agreement.

We do have a satellite church in Moerkapelle. This church is led by Bastiaan & Wilma Hertog. They have service every sunday, at 10:00 am.  There is also a kidsprogram every sunday. For there coming services, check out AGENDA on our dutch site, and select MOERKAPELLE.


Our church in Moerkapelle is led by  Bastiaan & Wilma Hertog.


Julianastraat 14
2751 GD in Moerkapelle